Our custom Patio Covers & Canopies can help you enjoy your deck or patio all summer long by transforming them into shady, cool, and comfortable outdoor spaces in which your family can spend time together. We offer a wide variety of styles and options..

Retractable Patio Awnings – Retractable awnings are a fantastic way to provide optional shade to your patio, deck, or seating area.

Pipe Frame Patio Canopies – Made with high-quality, galvanized steel pipe and attached to your home with our special brackets, these canopies provide the ultimate protection.

Slide Wire Canopies – Slide Wire Cable Canopies are perfect for managing the amount of sunlight or shade that enters your patio area.

Rigid Frame Awnings – Rigid Frame awnings are very attractive and can add color to the exterior of your home. They are constructed from welded tubular metal supports

Retractable Window Awnings – Retractable window awnings come with either manual or motorized controls for convenient operation and add both style and sun protection to your home.

Rope-Operated Window Awnings – Window Awnings are a sturdy, durable shade solution for your home. This customer favorite cools the interior of your home while beautifying the exterior.

Exterior Drop Shades – Exterior drop shades provide both shade and privacy for your deck, patio or windows. Available with motors and remote controls, these screens offer shade-on-demand with ease.

Interior Drop Shades – To maximize efficiency, interior drop shades are installed on the inside of your home to keep rooms cool.

Rope-Operated Drop Shades – Rope-operated drop screens provide superior protection and shade for your deck or patio. These screens simply drop when the rope is released and raise by pulling on the rope.

Louvered Roof – The Louvered Roof is a beautiful and unique patio cover that can be open to let in sunlight or closed to provide shade and weather protection.

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