Updating the carpet on your boat will not only refresh its appearance but also make it more enjoyable to use. Owning a boat is a major investment. When you choose SugarHouse’s boat craftsmen to replace the carpet on your boat,  you can expect the highest quality materials, friendly service and a quick 2-week turnaround. All of our boat carpets are cut and sewn in-house ensuring a true custom-fit and eliminating delays and mistakes that may occur when a pattern is mailed to a third-party company for fabrication.

Both glue-down and snap-in flooring materials are manufactured by Corinthian Marine, the finest in marine flooring available today. Corinthian marine carpet is bound with Sunbrella binding, providing long-term durability and comes with a  3-year manufacturer warranty.

SugarHouse Industries has been serving families in the Intermountain West since 1941, we are the authority in boat covers, marine upholstery and carpet, and we are proud to offer the same quality and service that has made us successful for more than 75 years.

Corinthian Marine Carpet Styles

Care and Operation:

Marine Carpet Care (PDF)

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