Fall Take Down Service Request


7526 So. State Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84047

Monday-Friday: 8:00AM—5:30PM
Saturday: 9:00AM—1:00PM
Sunday: Closed


Plan Ahead
Our service will begin October 14th (weather permitting) and run through October 25th.* Once we have finalized the Take-Down schedule, (typically the first week of October) we will email you your Take-Down date. Add us to your calendar and set a reminder to ensure that you are ready for our crew.
Prep the area
To avoid any unexpected charges, make sure the site is accessible and any furniture or other obstacles have been removed from the area. If you are not going to be there when we are scheduled to be there, let our project coordinator know and provide them with any necessary details on how to access the site.
Have your shade product ready for storage
Do your best to have the product clean and dry so that our crews can get them down and ready to be stored for winter.
Inspect your shade product
Take a good look at your product before we take it down and let us know if you would like to take advantage of our cleaning service or our repair service. While your product is down for the winter, we can clean and repair it to prolong it's life and have it ready to go for you next spring.
* Customers are still able schedule Take-Downs before or after our scheduled service, however there will be an additional cost to do so (typically $50). These Take-Downs will follow our standard production schedule, and will be completed within 3 weeks of the initial request.