SugarHouse lined washable face masks reduce the spread of saliva and other secretions potentially lowering the risk that the wearer, if infected, will transmit a virus to other people.

Made from solution dyed polyester, our reusable face masks can be machine-washed and dried, or cleaned with disinfecting cleaners without compromising their ability to repel liquids, aerosols and sprays.

A flannel interior layer provides lightweight, comfortable protection. The user can label the interior of their mask with their name or other identification. 

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DISCLAIMER: These hand-crafted mask COVERS are not recommended to prevent the spread of disease. They are created to help healthcare professionals preserve the remaining medically approved masks we do have left. This is not intended to be medical advice or guidelines. Please refer to the CDC and WHO for up to date information. These are handcrafted mask covers that will be washable.  

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