Re-cover Your Outdoor Furniture

May 29, 2023
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Want an easy way to refresh your outdoor space without a huge price tag? Re-cover your outdoor furniture for a much needed update! 

Your furniture plays a crucial role in defining the overall aesthetics and comfort of your living spaces. Whether it’s a cozy outdoor reading nook or a vibrant outdoor patio, worn-out furniture can detract from the ambiance you desire. However, the thought of replacing all your furniture can be daunting and expensive. Fortunately, there’s an affordable and creative solution: custom covers. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of recovering your outdoor furniture with custom covers, helping you revitalize your space while saving money and adding a personal touch.

Protect Your Furniture

Outdoor furniture is exposed to various weather conditions, such as rain, sun, and wind, which can lead to wear and tear over time. By choosing durable and weather-resistant fabrics, you can extend the lifespan of your furniture and protect your investment. You can also create a custom cover that can be made to easily come on and off. This allows you to cover your furniture, outdoor kitchen, BBQ, etc. when a summer storm hits.

Budget-Friendly Solution

Replacing all your furniture can be a significant expense. However, recovering your furniture with custom covers is a cost-effective alternative. Rather than purchasing new pieces, custom covers allow you to breathe new life into your existing furniture. With a wide range of fabric options available, you can select materials that fit your budget while providing the desired aesthetic appeal.

We can also do repairs on ripped or torn fabric. This doesn’t just apply to furniture. We can do anything from outdoor cushions to tent repairs.

Versatility and Style

Custom covers offer limitless possibilities when it comes to style and design. You can choose fabrics that match your existing decor or experiment with new patterns, colors, and textures to create a fresh look. From elegant neutrals to vibrant prints, the options are endless. Custom covers allow you to express your personality and design preferences, making your space truly unique.

Easy Maintenance

One of the significant advantages of custom covers is the ease of maintenance. Most fabrics used for custom covers are designed for practicality and can be easily cleaned. Many covers are machine washable or can be spot cleaned with mild detergent, saving you time and effort. Regular maintenance ensures your furniture remains clean and fresh, extending its longevity.

Flexibility and Convenience

Another great aspect of custom covers is their versatility. They are designed to fit your specific furniture dimensions, providing a snug and tailored look. Additionally, these covers are usually easy to put on and remove, allowing you to switch up your furniture’s appearance whenever you desire.

Recovering your outdoor furniture with custom covers offers a practical and cost-effective way to refresh your living spaces. Embrace the flexibility and convenience of custom covers, and let your furniture shine with a fresh new look. Give us a call at 801-563-9600.


SugarHouse Ind. has served its clients in the Intermountain West since 1941. In that time, we have become Utah’s largest provider of awning, boat tops, and specialty canvas covers. After over 80 years, our focus is still to provide customers with the highest quality products and the best prices. We remain a family-owned company, and we remain committed to putting a personal touch into everything we do. That’s why we make every product that we offer in our 30,000 ft2 facility in Midvale, Utah.