Special Father’s Day Gift Ideas

June 3, 2022
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Father’s Day is on its way and we’ve got some special Father’s Day gift ideas to make his day! If he’s expecting a typical gift, you’ll definitely blow him away with these ideas. For Mother’s Day, we showed you products to help mom enjoy the outdoors so now it’s dad’s turn. 

The first day of summer and Father’s Day seem to always be the same week. So it’s a perfect time to use our Outventure Tarp Tent, Wakeshade Universal Shade Extension, our marine accessories, and one of our beautiful awnings.


The smell of campfires, hot dogs, and roasted marshmallows. Summer adventures await! Take our Outventure Tarp Tent wherever you go. You can hook it to your UTV/ATV, truck or van, or even your boat. It’s perfect for day trips since it provides shade and shelter. It’s made out of durable marine-grade canvas that makes it water-repellent, stain proof, and tear-resistant. It only takes one person to set it up with the six stainless steel 10” stakes that keep it structurally sound. The heavy-duty 96” telescopic steel poles adjust to the desired height on uneven surfaces. 

Other features:

  • 6 Stainless steel 10” stakes keep the tent structurally sound.
  • Handcrafted in the USA.
  • Heavy-duty carry-all bag – weighs 18 lbs. with all components.
  • Dimensions – 102”w x 162” l x 193”.


WakeshadeHave you ever been out on the water and no matter how many times you reapply the sunscreen, you get burned? Our Wakeshade Universal Shade Extension can help you stay on the water as long as you’d like but with a little extra coverage. The Wakeshade can be mounted in minutes without any drilling or customization. That means no downtime when in the shop, no service fees, and you’ll be out on the water quickly. It can retract easily and fold compactly for storage when it’s not in use. 

Even though Wakeshade doesn’t need customization, it will still fit most boats since there are two different lengths, 66”W x 62”L and 75”W x 62”L, and four different clamp sizes. It is designed to fit any tubular tower ranging from 1 1/4″ to 3″ in diameter, and extends the shade 66” past the tower or t-top to create additional shade on a boat, giving boat users more comfort and protection. 

Wakeshade doesn’t just keep people cool, it looks cool. The casing is a powder coated aluminum covered in Top Gun 9 material, and zips closed with a heavy-duty nylon zipper. This will keep the shade clean and dry when not in use or being stored. The frame of the shade includes stainless steel arms and supports that connect with stainless steel ball and socket hardware. The material is black and is WeatherMax 3D, a high-strength canopy material, with long-term color retention and tear-resistant qualities. It has the ability to stretch, allowing the top to remain tight on the frame, but allows enough elasticity to be flexible while being used on the water.


Our line of marine accessories will keep dad’s boat in tip top shape. Check out the protective additions we offer. 

  • Motor Covers – made from WeatherMAX 3D outdoor technical fabric, our motor covers will protect your outboard motor from the weather, salt, and other outdoor elements.
  • Speaker Covers  – our 8” round speaker covers are made with marine-grade fabric keeping your speakers clean and dry.
  • Swim Platform Covers – protect your swim platform from debris and harmful UV rays. These covers have a bungee sewn in the hem and other straps for security.
  • Sleeping Pads – create a comfy place to sit or sleep on your boat with a foam sleeping pad. These pads contour to your body for optimal support.


 An awning can really change the way you use your backyard. Dad can host barbecues any time of the day rather than waiting for the most opportune time. He’ll have a shady spot to take a midday break. And he can take a weekend nap under one without waking up looking like a lobster. 

One of the best things about SugarHouse is we offer several awnings that can be retracted or temporary. Our Shadeglide Slide-wire Canopies and Rayblock Shade Sails are two great options. Shadeglide Slide-Wire Canopies have fabric panels that slide back and forth on a thin metal cable to provide shade as needed. And if dad wasn’t born with the height of a basketball player, a pull stick is included to help him reach the overhead panels.

Rayblock Shade Sails can be permanent or temporary. They are a great option for places in your backyard that are tricky to get shade. These shades use complex geometric formulas to create free-standing shade solutions that offer both form and function. They can also be placed wherever you want them. 

Give us a call today at 801-563-9600 to get going on your unique Father’s Day gift. We’re sure dad will get more use out of one of our products than another tie!


SugarHouse Ind. has served its clients in the Intermountain West since 1941. In that time, we have become Utah’s largest provider of awning, boat tops, and specialty canvas covers. After nearly 80 years, our focus is still to provide customers with the highest quality products and the best prices. We remain a family-owned company, and we remain committed to putting a personal touch into everything we do. That’s why we make every product that we offer in our 30,000 ft2 facility in Midvale, Utah.