Update Your Outdoor Break Area

July 30, 2022
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Providing a refuge for employees on their breaks is something incredibly important, especially when the weather is beautiful. But it’s not exactly a refuge if the sun is beating straight down on them. Let SugarHouse help you update your outdoor break area with some shady spots.

With the use of our awning products like Rayblock Shade Sails, Suntamer Tension Structures, and Verticool Drop Shades, employees will have a nice place to enjoy the rest of summer and beginning of fall! 


One of the best features of Rayblock Shade Sails and Suntamer Tension Structures is that they can be temporary or permanent. They use complex geometric formulas to create free-standing shade solutions that offer both form and function. So if you don’t already have a shaded spot to put tables and chairs under, this is your solution! 

But why choose to buy from SugarHouse when big box retailers provide similar options? With SugarHouse, you’re sure to get a high-quality product since we only use top quality fabrics, frames, and hardware. You will be getting a product that is not only beautiful but built to last.

High-quality features include:

  • Fabric
    • Reliable name-brand outdoor fabrics are used to make the panels.
    • Fabric carries a 5-year limited warranty.
    • Our vinyl-coated, polyester-fiber mesh fabric stops 80-95% of UV rays, blocking the sun but not the view. 
    • Numerous color options are available. 
    • Infused with Microban technology which is an antimicrobial that diminishes the growth of stains and odor causing bacteria.
  • Frame
    • Can be installed to an existing structure like a pergola with a tension panel system.
    • Custom designs and manufactured aluminum frame structures can be done by us. 
    • Our aluminum frames come powder coated in black, white, gray, or bronze. Custom colors are also available.
  • Hardware
    • The panels can be easily removed with the help of spring buckles on the fabric panel.
    • And to keep the panels taut, the webbing attached to spring buckles can be adjusted.


Verticool Drop Shades are great to make a little space for employees to have outside breaks during the warm and cool months. When it’s a little too warm outside and the sun is way too bright, you can drop the shades to make it more comfortable. And when the fall wind comes blowing in, the shades can keep employees protected from the chill. 

Verticool can be installed on an existing or free-standing structure. You also have a few different options of what kind of Verticool you want. Rope-operated simply drop when the rope is released and raised by pulling on the rope. They are very similar to standard window blinds. Cleats attached at the side and bottom of the screen secure it when it is extended or retracted. Tie-down ropes are attached to the bottom to secure the shade when it is rolled down. They can be fastened to an existing object like a handrail or tie-down cleats installed by us. This helps when it is windy! 

For exterior drop shades, you can choose from motorized or manual. Motorized shades include wireless remote controls to lower the shade with a push of a button. This is a major bonus if height is an issue. 

Manual shades use a hand crank to raise and lower the shade. If you don’t have access to power, this is the way to go. The crank is super easy to use and it is removable so you can store it when not in use.

Good work is hard to find these days and employees need to be treated well. Give them a space to eat, hangout, or just spend a little time in the sun. Give us a call at 801-563-9600 and we’ll get started on your outdoor break area. 


SugarHouse Ind. has served its clients in the Intermountain West since 1941. In that time, we have become Utah’s largest provider of awning, boat tops, and specialty canvas covers. After nearly 80 years, our focus is still to provide customers with the highest quality products and the best prices. We remain a family-owned company, and we remain committed to putting a personal touch into everything we do. That’s why we make every product that we offer in our 30,000 ft2 facility in Midvale, Utah.