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SugarHouse Awning has been Utah's authority on awnings, boat covers, and canvas products for over 75 years.

A family-owned company, Sugar House Awning has been a part of the Utah community through multiple wars, economic ups and downs, and decades of population expansion.

SugarHouse Awning still stands by the same principles that made it successful over 75 years ago. Custom making the best product as possible, while providing an exceptional customer experience.

Recent Customer Reviews

Great customer service!

Elizabeth Hicks Avatar
Elizabeth Hicks

Had a wonderful experience at Sugarhouse Industries. I took my boat cover in to be replaced, and after examining it they told me they thought the cover was in pretty good shape and they could replace the broken snaps and sew a couple of small tears and it would last for a few more years. Instead of $1,000+, I paid $107 and my cover is in great shape. So nice to work with people who are actually watching out for what is best for the customer. I would highly recommend these guys.

Pete Larkin Avatar
Pete Larkin

Kevin was extremely helpful and accommodating. The cover for the fountain had to be slightly modified, but no big deal. Kevin handled the correction very professionally, and in a timely manner.

Jeannie Harmer Avatar
Jeannie Harmer

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