A camper boat top turns your open boat into a snug cabin on the water, shading and protecting you and your passengers from inclement weather and insects. Custom built to provide enough headroom for you to stand comfortably, SugarHouse camper boat tops enclose your vessel with quality marine canvas to expand the livable space on your boat and extend your use early/late in the season or at night.  Zippers allow for easy access in and out of your boat camper top while optional screens and windows offer better visibility and comfort.

SugarHouse camper boat tops are custom made by expert craftsman in our Utah facility, giving us complete control over the quality of our manufacturing process and ensuring you get a camper top that fits your boat.

Marine-Grade Fabric:

SugarHouse uses Sunbrella marine fabrics for its camper boat top canvas. We can recover existing frames if your canvas has become damaged or if you want to change your color scheme. If you do not already have a camper top on your boat, SugarHouse can custom make one specifically for your craft.

With a 10-year warranty against fading, Sunbrella fabrics hold their color even with constant exposure to the sun and other harsh marine environments.

All Sunbrella fabrics are mold and mildew resistant and can easily be cleaned with a simple bleach solution.


Sugarhouse uses a 20-gauge double-polished clear marine vinyl because of its optical clarity, scratch resistance and outdoor longevity. Our windows can be zipped, unzipped, rolled and unrolled depending on your needs.

The 20-gauge vinyl composite offers the flexibility to curve and bend along a boat’s contour and stay tight against the frame. It is also easier to handle than thicker vinyl – especially in cooler temperatures – an important feature when you are trying to install, or roll up your cover.

We sew a Sunbrella trim on the exterior of our camper boat top windows to protect the glass from becoming prematurely brittle due to the heat radiating from the snaps heating in the sun.

Camper tops can also be customized with screens for improved airflow.


SugarHouse uses single length stainless steel tubing fabricated to fit your boat’s year, make and model.

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