The more you surround yourself with sun and weather protection, the longer you can stay out on the lake. Enclosed spaces keep your boat warmer, extending your use early/late in the season and at night.

Our convertible tops snap to the top of your windshield and are designed to cover a portion of the cockpit area while allowing stand-up clearance for any boater.

Generally used for protection in foul weather, a convertible top differs from a bimini top in that it is attached to the windshield rather than free standing.

They’re easy to set up, take down and store, and you can add a walk-through zipper at the middle window to create a convenient passageway to the bow.

Front windows can be added for greater visibility, and additional curtains and enclosures increase your protection from the elements.

Marine-Grade Fabric

Our convertible tops and optional curtains are made with high-end, marine-grade Sunbrella fabric in your color choice. With a 10-year warranty against fading, Sunbrella fabrics hold their color even with constant exposure to the sun and other harsh marine environments.

All Sunbrella fabric are mold-and mildew-resistant and can be easily cleaned with a simple bleach solution.


Our standard boat top frame tubes are constructed of single length 7/8” aluminum pieces with no splices, resulting in unbending durability and long-lasting performance.  Stainless steel tubing and fitting upgrades are available for maximum corrosion resistant.


Choosing the right material for your marine windows is one important choice. We use 20-gauge double-polished clear marine vinyl because of its optical clarity, scratch resistance and outdoor longevity. The 20-gauge vinyl composite offers the flexibility to curve and bend along a boat’s contour and stay tight against the frame. It is also easier to handle than thicker vinyl – especially in cooler temperatures – an important feature when you are trying to install, or roll up your cover.

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