Having a warm area where customers can wait to be seated during the colder months plays a significant role in their decision to dine there. Sidewalk vestibules are seasonal structures fabricated out of steel frames and vinyl fabrics that protect patrons from the cold gusts of wind, rain, and snow that blow in every time someone crosses the threshold. They are the perfect solution for restaurants, coffee shops, sidewalk cafes, fast food, and more.

Constructed specifically for commercial use, our sidewalk vestibules are designed to stand up to frequent use and are more cost effective than traditional construction options. By adding custom graphics and logos to the vestibule, business owners are able to completely customize their projects to suit their specific business needs.

Sidewalk vestibules benefit your business in a variety of ways:

  • Reduce energy costs by keeping heat from leaving your space
  • Act as windbreaks for customers
  • Announces your entryway
  • Allows you to extend the seasonal use of your space


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